Job Listings and Openings

If you have questions about our job openings, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Graphic Design Intern


The Beirut Urban Lab is looking for graphic design students to fill paid internship positions during the Summer period and the Winter session 2020. Interested students should be enrolled in their third year of study within the Graphic Design program at the Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, AUB. If you are a Graphic Design student in another university, feel free to send us a letter of interest with a portfolio of work.


The selected student will join the Lab's Critical Mapping team, working on the conceptualization, design and production of maps, infographics and other data visualizations related to research around urban issues. They will also assist in designing Lab publications, presentations, event posters and other communication material.

More specifically, the tasks could include:  

  • Experimenting with graphic coding and visualization ideas for different sets of data. 
  • Trying out typographic palettes and developing icons for different maps and infographics.
  • Laying out maps and diagrams and preparing for both print and digital publishing.
  • Sketching design directions and implementing design ideas for communication on talks, workshops or exhibitions.
  • Applying the identity and house style of the Lab on different presentations, publications and event communication material (posters, invites, social media posts…).

Length and Compensation

This is a paid internship opportunity for a period of at least six weeks full time, as required by the Graphic Design Program at AUB. If the internship is to be conducted remotely, in part or in full, some adjustments will be made to the length of the internship period following guidelines set by the Program. Positions are available during Summer (within June, July, August period) and during the Winter session (January, extending into the first two weeks of the Fall semester). The Lab is ready to accept extended internship applications beyond the required period for up to 3 months during Summer, fully paid. Each intern will be compensated at 1,200,000 LBP / month.


Please contact Ahmad Gharbieh at [email protected], cc'ing Nour Zoghbi [email protected], and include your CV and portfolio of work.

Graduate Research Assistant

Position is open for

Students currently enrolled in the Masters program in Urban Planning and Policy or Urban Design, on a full time basis; or students newly admitted to the program.


If you currently are a Masters student at the MUPP\MUD program, we might have GRA opportunities for you!

You will have to work on one of the Lab's current research projects for your thesis in either Urban Planning or Urban Design. Please contact one of the professors listed below to inquire about opportunities and state your subjects of interest. You'll then have a conversation about possible topics for your thesis, as well as funding possibilities.


Part of your tuition will be covered, and you will receive a semester-based stipend.


Please contact Mona Fawaz at [email protected], Mona Harb at [email protected], or Howayda Al-Harithy at [email protected], letting them know about your interest in a GRA.