Z-Axis 2020: You and Your Neighborhood Lecture Series

Mona Fawaz contributed with a presentation titled "Practicing the Public, Insights from Beirut" at the "Z-Axis 2020: You and Your Neighborhood" Lecture series, organized by Charles Correa Foundation for Education and Research in Human Settlements. Academics and experts participated in this lecture series which took place in September 2020. Z-axis 2020 hosted a number of international speakers all the way from USA, Europe, India, China, Latin America, Egypt and Lebanon, who focused on the issues of the neighborhood, the commons, the street, and the doorstep.
At the fourth edition of Z-axis, the Charles Correa Foundation’s biennial conference, participants went back to their own neighborhoods to create new visions that uplift the public realm. In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, critical questions about how we live and work have been raised, such as, ‘How can we improve our own neighborhood?’ In the wake of Beirut's blast, Mona Fawaz speaks about the notion of the public space, its multiple intersections with society, the commons, their formation and their complexities.

Watch the full video here.