The Rehabilitation Project of Sahet Al Khodor in Karantina

The Rehabilitation Project of Sahet Al Khodor in Karantina

The Beirut Urban Lab, in partnership with ACTED and University College London (UCL), is launching an event for the rehabilitation project of Sahet Al Khodor in Karantina titled “الألفة تجمعنا”.

Date: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

Location: Mashghara Street, Karantina 

This event is open for the public. COVID-19 safety measures are mandatory.

This project is a component of a larger recovery framework articulated by Beirut Urban Lab in response to the August 4th Beirut Port Blast, building on its experiences and research on Post-disaster Urban Recovery. Part of the work conducted by BUL in Karantina is focused on shared community spaces as a catalyst for recovery. This project is being carried out in partnership with ACTED, University College London. The design is facilitated by District-D. 

About Sahet Al Khodor

Sahet Al Khodor, one of the most socially active spaces in Al Khodor sub-neighborhood in Karantina, includes Mashghara Street and its eastern extension. It was identified upon field observations, consultations and interviews with community members, as well as documentation of the socio-spatial practices in Karantina as a whole. The BUL team engaged community members in co-designing it through multiple workshops and iterations of the process. The Lab’s approach is participatory and aimed at understanding the dominant uses, challenges, and needs of the community, but most importantly, the significance of this space which was described by the residents as "الألفة" affinity.